Gambling Laws across the World

Gambling is not a new concept to discuss. It has been a controversial topic for many countries. And it’s not a new topic in its formation as well, as gambling has been in existence since time immemorial. From the Indus Valley Civilization to the Mesopotamian period, there have been ample pieces of evidence of the existence of the game. It is seen as a game of skill by some and a game of luck by others. It involves consideration, risk, prize and is a game of probability, and permutations, and combinations. Gambling has been a topic of debate due to the moral issues revolving around it and the psychological effect it has on the players. n a case where a person gets addicted to earning more money through this, they suffer from helplessness and anxiety. . Players can virtually play various games, like sports betting, blackjack, poker, roulette, and slot machines within the most trusted gambling site Bos88. Online gambling offers various benefits, like cashless transactions, accessibility through any device, customizable budget, and real-time gambling experience for the players

On an international level, there is no consensus among the countries to regulate it. Even on the national level, most of the countries have different laws in different states. Thus, the regulation of gambling on a general level is difficult. There are different types of gambling such as Casinos, Table and Electronic games, Card Games, Betting on Sports Games, Dice Based Games, Bingo, Coin Tossing, Pari-mutuel Betting, and Online Gambling. These are the major types of gambling which are used widely all over the world.

Gambling legislation and regulation

The United States of America

There are federal laws in America regulating gambling, and the states and locals have their laws as well for the same. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act,1988 gives the right to Native American Tribes to regulate gambling on their lands. It is a federal law that restricts the boundaries of such games, if it is prohibited by the criminal law, as opposed to public policy or any other federal law.


Gambling in Canada is regulated on the Federal level by the Criminal code of Canada whose Section 201- 207 provides for laws relating to betting and gambling. According to the law in Canada, gambling of any kind is prohibited but there are certain exceptions to the same. Section 204 of the said Act provides for certain exemptions such as betting on lawful races or sports games and a pari-mutuel system on running or trotting.


In Mexico, gambling is regulated by gaming regulations. It regulates all gambling games and is governed by the law except the National Lottery, which is ruled through its regulation.

In Europe

The European Union works as a one-state in certain matters such as trade and transportation. In the case of gambling, there is no specific legislation or regulation that provides for laws concerning the same. There is only one specification, that is, every country of the EU has to comply with the provisions mentioned in the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

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