The Top Strategies for Betting on the English Premier League

Okay bettors, listen up! If you want to be the supreme in the world of English Premier League betting this season, then you have reached the right place. The EPL has its own exciting world of betting and you better be prepared with your game face on if you want to win big payouts.

If you are a new guy on the block, you need to study up to understand the intricacies of odds in betting. Additionally, online betting sites like Lotus365 can help you place lucrative bets by offering you real-time match analysis and informative stats on players and clubs.

Discussed below are some strategies that you can employ while betting on the English Premier League.

  • Keep Those Options Open

Listen, loyalty is great and all, but when it comes to betting, you gotta play the field. Sportsbooks are in this to make money off you, so why stick to just one? Smart bettors know to shop around for the best odds, no matter who’s offering them.

That’s where the beauty of Lotus365 comes in. It’s got all the top sportsbooks at your fingertips, so you can quickly compare and snatch up those juicy lines. Don’t let those bookies take advantage of you – flip the script and take their cash instead.

  • The Favourite Flurry

Here’s one that might seem counterintuitive at first: back the big favourites, especially when they’re facing true underdogs. Sure, upsets happen, but more often than not, the giants go out and steamroll their opponents.

Think about it – Manchester City taking on a relegation-bound side is basically a licence to print money, provided you get decent odds. The key here is timing – jump on those lines early before they get corrected. With a bit of smart money management, these could become your bread-and-butter bets.

  • Take Advantage of the Edge

Alright, pay attention to this one. It’s all about finding that “edge” – situations where the actual probability of something happening is higher than what the bookies think. In simpler terms, you’ve gotta spot those undervalued gems that the sportsbooks are sleeping on.

How do you do that? Well, that’s where research comes in. Study up on team form, injuries, transfers, the whole nine yards. The stats section is a goldmine for this kind of stuff. Once you’ve crunched the numbers and identified that edge, you’re golden. It’s not a guarantee, but it sure stacks the odds in your favour long-term.

  • Bet Early, Bet Often

Here’s a pro tip for all: Those first few weeks of the EPL season are absolute chaos for the bookies. They’re still trying to figure teams out, which means their odds might be a little off.

That’s your window of opportunity right there. While the books are still finding their feet, you can swoop in and exploit those undervalued lines before they correct themselves. Maybe a team’s made some sneaky good signings, or they’re carrying momentum from last season. Whatever it is, get on it early.

  • The Double Chance Delight

For those a little risk-averse, or even seasoned vets looking for a cheeky payout, the double chance bet is your new best friend. Basically, you’re covering yourself by betting on a team to win OR draw. The odds aren’t mind-blowing, but with that 66.6% chance of cashing out, it’s a nice little safety net.

So there you have it. These were some killer strategies to level up your football betting game this EPL season. With user-friendly platforms like the Lotus365 id, you can place bets online, keep track of the games and analyse the odds in real-time. Great way to make the most out of your bets, isn’t it?

Whether you’re a newcomer or an old pro, remember – research is key, keep those options open, and never let those bookies play you. Who knows, you might just become the next Bruno Fernandes of betting.

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