Explore Difference between CD and DVD

CD and DVD are two unusual variants of an optical disk- providing superior storage and rich-quality definition. If we talk about the difference between these two terms, they differ in terms of size and manufacturing methods.

The term CD stands for Compact Disk. Whereas the term DVS stands for Digital Versatile Disk. In this article, you will get to know some differences between CD and DVD.

In this article we will discuss the major differences between CD and DVD in depth. If you want to explore more about it, then keep reading.

Difference between CD and DVD




1 The full form of the CD is Compact Disk. The full form of DVD is Digital Versatile Disk.
2 In CD, the metal layer stays closer to the given disk’s top. In DVD, the metal layer stays close to the mid part of the disk.
3 Commonly the size of a CD is about 700 MB. Commonly the size of a DVD is 4.7 – 17 GB in range.
4 It consists of only one layer of pits. It consists of a double layer of pits.
5 In a CD, the space between the individual pits  is around 0.834 μm. In a DVD, the space between the individual pits is around 0.40 μm.
6 It utilizes EFMP and CIRC codes for correcting errors. It utilizes EFMplus and RS-PC codes for correcting errors.
7 In CD, the data transfer rate is 1.4 Mbps to 16 Mbps. In DVD, the data transfer rate is 11 Mbps.
8 Here the length of the channel bit is 300 nm. Here, the length of the channel bit is 113 nm.
9 It is around 1.2 mm thick. It is around 0.6 mm thick.
10 It has a numeric gap of 0.45. It has a numeric gap of 0.6.

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