Should you Use Chipboard Boxes or Corrugated Boxes

Some products require a very specific package design with a focus on extra protection. But, you must not sacrifice your packaging’s look to achieve it. Keep reading to know some ideas on fragile products packaging in chipboard and corrugated cardboard packaging forms:

Chipboard Partitions and Boxes

This packaging material is ideal for packaging fragile products. They come in a variety of thickness and can individually cradle every item you want to ship. Chipboard partitions are particularly useful when shipping and packaging items with non-traditional shapes or heavy, yet still fragile items. They make sure products will not slide around and collide with one another. Also, the offer a sleek, organized look to your packaging. And they are quite cost-effective and made from recyclable materials.

Chipboard boxes are often partitioned into rows so every product is protected. Usually, chipboard packaging can be a little cheaper than the corrugated option and can take up a little less space and weigh less than corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

These boxes are another way to ship fragile, bulkier individual items. As with partitions, they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Also, they have different closure options to ensure your box will never come apart in transit. Explore your design and material options at

Corrugated boxes have flutings or fan-like folds in between the two layers that offer further protection.  Also, the folds of the box often interlock together and are secured with strong packaging strap to keep everything in place. Aside from being tested for their resistance to being crushed, these boxes are also tested for any unexpected weather changes during transit. They can be used again when shipping smaller items such as jewelry or plants. They are usually used when moving or shipping big appliances and electronics.

Packaging Look and Design

Even if your items have an unusual shape or ordered extra-thick cardboard, you can always make your packages appealing. You only need to create a custom box design that includes the logo, motto, and colors of your brand. Also, it can incorporate the benefits of an item.

Think about designoptions for the interior and exterior of the package so the party continues even after a customer opens up the box. To give your package an extra cool factor, include a personalized touch. You can achieve this by writing the name of the customer on the box or including a special quote from the product’s manufacturer.

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