According to 2017 data, more than 400,000 children are in foster care in the US. Most children remain in foster care for two years on an average. In Arizona, more than 13,000 children need help. While charitable organizations are working around the clock to provide support, the community has to come forward. If you donate to these nonprofit organizations, you can be eligible for Arizona charitable tax credit too.

However, that’s not the point here. The idea is to help these children, and let’s agree and be practical here – Not everyone can sign up to be come a foster parent. Foster parents have to be license caregivers, and it is not always an easy job. If you want to know more on children in foster care, here is a guide.

Why do children end up in foster care?

If their families are going through a crisis, or the child has been abused, neglected or provided for, they can be placed in foster care. Children of all ages have landed up in foster care, and this is usually a temporary situation. If their parents are back on track, or the adoptive family wants to legally raise the child, they will be removed from foster care. During their period in foster care, they can meet their parents and siblings. For these children, the hardest and saddest part of being in foster care is not knowing what lies ahead of them. They may have to live with foster parents, but that’s not always easy either. By the way, foster parents have to be licensed by the state, and yes, they must be trained as caregivers.

How can I help nonprofit organizations working for the cause?’

This is often the first question that people have in mind. Donations are your best bet, and in Arizona, you may qualify for Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit. You could also choose to volunteer with these organization for their day-to-day work management, for book sale events and other occasions. You can also choose to become a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). The idea is to spread awareness and involve people, so you can also get the community in action by social media marketing.

Most nonprofit organizations in Arizona are also in need of kind donations, so buy things that they may need for the kids who are in foster care, such as scooters, books, clothing, or even blankets.